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A Siberian cat cattery dedicated to preserving the original characteristics of this beloved breed. Originating in Russia, our cattery has spread throughout Europe, with our graduates now residing in loving households across the globe. At Slavicat, we take pride in providing our cats with happy and healthy lives, and we utilize a wireless pet fence system to ensure their safety while they roam freely in their homes.

As a respected cattery among cat lovers worldwide, we are committed to maintaining the historical roots of the Siberian breed and safeguarding the well-being of our cats. In addition to our wireless pet fence system, we employ top specialists to ensure the health and breeding success of our cats. From our line of well-tested and renowned ancestors to our dedication to the breed's ideal characteristics, Slavicat is committed to producing cats of exceptional quality.

Follow us on our forum and social media pages to stay up-to-date on our latest news, including updates on our new litters and awards won by our cats at international cat shows. Thank you for choosing Slavicat as your Siberian cat source.

19 October 2016

This sweet boy - Apollon-Unicum Advantage*RU, which is blue spotted with white(a 24 03) arrived to us from our friendly cattery from Saint-Petersburg!
He's a son of our big cat Unicum and a girl from cattery Fialka.

12 October 2016


Siberian girl Rigonda Slavicat (born on 10.04.2015) had her sonography test for PKD and HCM done by Dr. Burmistrov in Yunior veterinary station. The girl passed them very well with results being negative! ^_^

Her line of ancestors is well known and tested by our best specialists in Moscow and provides great results both in testing and breeding!

24 November 2014

On an international cat show in Riga, Latvia — «Latvian Winner - 2014» our boy Zanebono-Tail Slavicat ay 24 turned to be a grand winner!

11 May 2014

Xerox Slavicat had a new photosession recently and got beautifull photos taken of him! You can check him our here.

25 April 2014

Girl of our breeding, Inishka Slavicat recieved a National Winner certificate! Her parents Carmella-Caroina Slavicat and Yarofei Aurik are very proud of their daughter, just like her loving owner - Taja Moro! Congrats!

30 March 2014

Soon there will be more info on the new litters from Angelur Zemelah and Sofia with Sandzhi!

23 october 2013

A photo of litter Y on the ad for the siberian monobreed cat show which happened some time ago.

13 september 2013

After a rather prolonged wait our webpage has moved and got a redisigned a bit to be availible not only on PCs with buggy flash, but also o tablets and smartphones! Yay! Hope this one will last a bit longer then the previous one! ^_^

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Siberian cat breed

Red cat
Siberian breed is the first breed of cats which was officially registered in Russian federation back in Soviet times. This breed found its way to the hears of people around the world in no time, conquering with their beauty and character!
Siberians — it's a special "common" breed. It was created through out the years by russian people, with their intuitive view of what an ideal cat is like. Roots of siberians go very far into the past, where, sadly, they get lost... Professional selection of the breed started only in the 1980's and is beeing worked on in the present time.